Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My First Avowed Intent: To Be An Apikoros

I should warn you now, that this blog will not display great learning or deep understanding.  Its purpose is to share some of the tidbits I come across in the course of my endeavour to become educated enough to be considered an apikoros.  Hence the name: Upikoros.  This is not only a tribute to the quite amazing Disney Pixar 2009 masterpiece ‘Up’ – watch it if you haven’t already, or watch it again – but also a reflection of my aspiration to that honoured moniker.

Currently, I don’t know what I am, but there are certainly elements of Hellenisation in my Judaism, so rather than start another blog, I’m going to chuck any things of Jewish interest from the Classical world that I come across onto this one.  Besides, given that "apikoros" is etymologically derived from "Epicurus", I think it's important to keep the old Latin and Greek going to make sure that I do indeed become an apikoros, rather than simply, well, a more knowledgeable Jew.

Chas veshalom.

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